Fear of the Dentist

Hello Karina,
I must tell you that my anxiety prior to my Dental appointment today was virtually nil. I even slept well prior to it. Whilst having the filling my anxiety at most was only a quarter of the normal level for me!
Anastasios said I had done very well during my treatment.
Thank- you so much for your hard work in changing my mind set and so making a visit to the Dentist a much more normal experience and more in my control.
Thanks so much, Shelagh


My 14 year old daughter has recently had some sessions with Karina and I can honestly say that she has really helped her to understand why she thinks and feels the way she does. My daughter suffers with her mental health and we have come away from each session feeling so much more positive about things. I cannot recommend Karina enough!

Joy, Exeter

Sleep Problems – 9 year old

I got in touch with Karina for my 9 year old son who didn’t sleep or only needed 3-4 hours interrupted sleep each night. we had be let down by the doctors and other professionals over the last 7 years and I thought we would try but after just two sessions he slept all night, a 9- 12 hour night of uninterrupted sleep, which also helped with his anxieties and concentration on a daily basis. He was left with a noticeably more positive mindset, a positive attitude towards others and a great belief in himself.
I can’t thank Karina enough for the support and the help to battle through this in such a short amount of time.


Phobia and Anxiety

Karina is just amazing! I have had 2 sessions so far for a phobia and anxiety that has taken over my life in recent years and I cant tell you how much better I feel already. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, I have had to temporarily put the sessions on hold but I will most definitely be back to finish what we have started. If anybody is experiencing any of these problems, doesn’t hesitate to book with Karina, it really will change your life.

Anxiety in Children

We (me and my daughter) have visited Karina 3 times now for my daughters anxiety. She made us feel most welcome and relaxed. My daughter has had 2 hypnotherapy sessions so far and her confidence is amazing, its like living with a different child. She’s so relaxed about the things that used to be a huge issue to her. I can see my girl shining her brightest ready for her next step in life. Thank you so much Karina.

Fear of Spiders

I have had 4 sessions with the lovely Karina, and I no longer have a fear of spiders. I have always thought that these things would never work for myself as I was adamant I’d never be in the same room as a spider, but hey I have had Sammy the spider in my living room for 4 days now and I am even tempted to charge him rent. So from the bottom of my heart Karina thanks for helping me to get over my fear, its made life a lot easier and I no longer check everything for spiders.

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