Wellbeing Packages for Businesses


Work related stress, depression and anxiety is on the rise. A staggering 70 million working days are lost each year due to work-related mental health conditions in the UK, costing employers approximately £2.4 billion per year.

Focusing on wellbeing at work is an effective way of helping employees to recognise the signs of stress and anxiety, helping people to consider their triggers and learn helpful ways to manage this.

My wellbeing packages are an ideal way to look after your employees, helping people to be more focused, motivated, and happier.

Package 1: Stress & Anxiety Awareness Talk

Informative 30-minute talk where I explain the neuroscience behind stress, anxiety and overwhelm in a relatable and engaging way. I offer practical Mindset tools and tips that your employees can begin to implement in their lives straight away and feel an improvement.


Package 2: Group Relaxation Class

This is an easy and enjoyable half an hour aimed to help reduce anxiety and stress, calming the mind. I provide the mats and blankets. Participants don’t need to do anything or talk to anyone. They can simply chill out and listen to me talk you through a beautiful visualisation that I have created for this class, with atmospheric music playing in the background, lights dimmed with fairy lights and aromatherapy scent to enhance your experience.


Package 3: 6-week Relaxation Group Course

Ready to thoroughly calm your mind and switch off those busy thoughts? Perhaps you would like your staff to relax and recharge during their lunch break, so that they are focused and less stressed in the afternoon or maybe this would be a nice incentive for the end of the day? This 6-week relaxation group class is a great way to support your employee’s well-being at work, with weekly group relaxation classes.

6 x 30min classes

Package 4: 6-week Stress & Anxiety Management Course

Are your staff feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or unmotivated? Perhaps you have noticed employees working longer hours, displaying signs of perfectionism and you’re concerned about high functioning anxiety? Maybe you’re looking for a preventative approach? This 6-week Stress & Anxiety Management course is designed to increase your employee’s knowledge of why we experience stress and anxiety and ways to reduce this using a solution focused approach. This is an effective way of enhancing your employee’s overall wellbeing in order to prevent workplace stress, reducing staff sickness.

6 x 1hr group sessions

NB. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for here, please feel free to enquire about bespoke packages tailored to your requirements.

*Max number of people per group – enquire for details 

**Travel charged at 40p per mile for venues outside Exeter.

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