Weight Loss: A Mindset Approach

  • Understand how and why your unwanted cravings and eating habits have become hard-wired into your brain.
  • Learn how to adjust your thought patterns, break habits and change them for something better.
  • Take home helpful notes and self-awareness tasks and put changes and strategies into practice immediately.
  • Enjoy calming, motivational hypnosis and a CD/sound track to keep.
  • No weigh-ins, no prescribed diet. This is not about calories or will-power!


⭐️Our subconscious mind runs the show 80% of the time and our primitive part of the brain doesn’t like change and will try to stop your efforts and make you think “you’ve had a busy day you deserve that piece of cake” or “you don’t need to workout today, start tomorrow”. Therefore HABIT forming is KEY… start small e.g. drinking more water or eating more fruit and veg, and consider what you can do that you enjoy each time you get a craving, replacing your eating habit with self-care. Achieving this will make you feel good, rather than setting huge goals and feeling rubbish if you can’t do this.

⭐️Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s easy to scroll through social media and compare ourselves and negative thinking kicks in. This releases cortisol (stress hormones) and this can have a negative impact on our mind and body and reduces motivation. Instead, compare yourself to YOURSELF… yesterday, last week, last month, last year and celebrate your progress. Also remember photos don’t show all the lumps and bumps – I’ve had 2 C sections and my son weighed 10lbs 3oz and I have beautifully hidden my loose belly skin in my yoga leggings. Our bodies are different and unique to ourselves, focus on what feels right for you.

⭐️ Remember changing your life is changing your inner game – every time a negative thought enters your mind “I can’t do this” REFRAME this “I am up for the challenge/ I can’t wait wait to see progress/ I’ve totally got this”. Train your MIND just as you would train your body. ➡️You either control your mind or it controls you ⬅️.


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